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Electrician Services – Safe and Efficient

Residential Electrical Services for Your Home

Nillumbik Electrical is a local company in Doreen specialising in domestic residential Electrical Services. Rhett is an experienced Master Electrician and likes to keep up to date with modern Electrical development and technology. This means you get a residential Electrician who is highly knowledgeable and great at diagnosing and rectifying Electrical problems in your home. 

Electrical safety in your home is important, so it makes sense to only use licensed Master Electricians such as Nillumbik Electrical. We ensure all work is done professionally and fully complies with Australian Electrical standards and safety requirements.  

Whether is is a small job installing new lights or power points, a switchboard upgrade, or a residential Electrical wiring project, we can provide you with a solution. Here are some of the residential Electrical services we offer for your home. 

Electrical Wiring

In your home all the lights, appliances, household gadgets and entertainment relies on proper electrical wiring. Old or faulty wiring can pose serious safety risks. Our skilled Electricians at Nillumbik Electrical provide first class wiring installations, replacements, and repairs.  

Indicators that you may have wiring problems in your home include:  

Whether you’re constructing a new home, renovating an old one, or just need a quick fix for an Electrical wiring problem, we can help. Our team ensures your home’s wiring meets all safety standards, providing you with a worry-free experience. 

Power Point Installation

When it comes to power point installations, positioning is really important. You want it to be convenient but not in a spot where it looks out of place. That’s where our expertise comes in. We provide quality power point installation services across Nillumbik, keeping in mind both functionality and aesthetics.  

There are a range of modern power points and switches available today.  

  •  Standard Power Points: These are your typical outlets, providing power for standard appliances and gadgets.
  • USB Power Points: These outlets include USB ports for directly charging smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices without needing a plug-in charger.
  • Smart Power Points: Controlled via a smartphone app or voice commands, these can be turned on or off remotely, offering energy savings and convenience.
  • Weatherproof Outlets: Designed for outdoor use, they are sealed against moisture and weather effects.
  • Dimmer Switches: Allow the control of light brightness, providing both ambiance and energy savings.
  • Multi-Gang Switches: Combines several switches in one unit, often used for controlling different lights in one room.
  • Touch and Motion Sensor Switches: Activated by touch or motion, these add a level of modern sophistication and are useful for hands-free operation.
  • Safety Switches: Include safety mechanisms like Residual Current Devices (RCD) or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) to protect against electrical shocks. 

Main Issues with Faulty Power Points and Need for New Installations 

Faulty power points need immediate attention as they present significant challenges and risks, including: 

  • Fire Risk: Damaged or loose connections can cause arcing and overheating, potentially leading to a fire. 
  • Electrical Shocks: Worn-out or damaged power points may expose users to the risk of Electrical shocks, which can be fatal in severe cases. 
  • Inefficiency and Inconvenience: Power points that don’t provide a stable connection may lead to devices not charging properly or appliances malfunctioning. 
  • Aesthetic Concerns: Old, discoloured, or damaged power points can detract from the appearance of a room. 
  • Compliance with Regulations: Older power points might not comply with current safety standards, posing legal and safety risks. 
  • Compatibility Issues: Modern devices may require specific types of power points, like USB charging capabilities, that older outlets cannot provide. 
  • Energy Waste: Without modern features like smart control, traditional outlets may contribute to unnecessary energy consumption. 

Upgrading to modern power points and switches not only enhances convenience and functionality but also ensures safety and energy efficiency. From single to multiple outlets, indoor or outdoor, our friendly and well-trained team will tailor the installation to your specific needs. All work is conducted in strict adherence to local regulations and standards. 

Electrical Safety Check for your Home

An Electrical safety check is more than just looking at your circuits. It’s about safeguarding your family and your belongings. You never want a hidden fault causing a fire in the middle of the night. Or a child receiving an electric shock from a faulty power outlet. 

At Nillumbik Electrical, we believe that prevention is better than cure. So we offer comprehensive Electrical safety checks, examining everything from your wiring and switchboards to appliances and power outlets. Our trained Electricians will identify any potential hazards and recommend the necessary actions to correct them.

Our Electrical Safety Check Process

Our Electrical safety checks cover all of the Electrical wiring and appliances in your home or business. This process is ideal for new home purchases, renovation projects or moving into a new commercial building.

Audit and Assessment

We inspect your entire Electrical system for faults and damage. We check and test all appliances, wiring, switchboard, power points, switches and other Electrical devices.

Diagnosis and Repair

First we identify any issues and the causes. Then come up with solutions to repair or replace faulty items and wiring. We also chat to you about costs, risks and safety.

Final Inspection and Certification

We inspect your property after we have conducted any Electrical works to ensure all faults are gone. Then we issue a safety certificate and warranty on parts and labour.

Smoke Alarm Installations

Smoke alarm installations are a non-negotiable when it comes to the safety of your home or business. These devices serve as your first line of defence against potential disasters. At Nillumbik Electrical, we prioritise your safety above all else, offering expert installation of smoke alarms that comply with Australian standards.

Our Electricians thoroughly assess your property to determine the right locations for these alarms, ensuring maximum coverage and effectiveness. We aim to fulfil the legal requirements and give you peace of mind.

Smoke alarms can be hard wired in so you never need to worry about battery replacement. Whether you’re looking to install new smoke alarms or replace outdated ones, we provide expert and reliable installation services. 

Contact Nillumbik Electrical for cost effective solutions to all Electrical problems around your home today.

Electrician Services – Safe and Efficient

Why Choose Nillumbik Electrical – Professional and Courteous Service from Qualified and Experienced Local Electricians

Courteous and Polite Service.

At Nillumbik Electrical, we believe that excellent service extends beyond technical expertise. Our team is committed to providing friendly, respectful, and courteous assistance at every interaction. We turn up on time and are clean and tidy. 

Qualified Master Electrician.

Our team is led by a certified Master Electrician with the training, skills, equipment and knowledge to handle even the most complex Electrical challenges. Your home or business is in expert hands. 

Experienced Local Team.

As a local Nillumbik company, we understand the community’s unique needs and preferences. Our team has years of experience working in the area, and developed a reputation for reliability, efficiency, and a personalised approach. 

Fully Insured and Licensed.

Nillumbik Electrical is fully insured and licensed, ensuring that our work complies with all relevant regulations and standards. Should anything unexpected occur, you’re protected. 

No Hidden Fees.

With Nillumbik Electrical, you’ll receive a clear and detailed quote without any hidden surprises. What we quote is what you pay, making budgeting simple and stress-free. 

Warranty on Services.

We stand behind our work with confidence, offering warranties on our services. Your satisfaction is our priority, and our warranty reflects our commitment to quality and excellence. Choosing Nillumbik Electrical means choosing a service that you can trust, long after the job is done. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Electricity in Your Home

Safety inspections help identify potential risks and ensure all Electrical systems are functioning properly. Regular inspections by a qualified Electrician can detect issues early, prevent potential accidents, and ensure compliance with local regulations. 

Common electrical hazards include exposed wires, overloaded outlets, outdated wiring, faulty appliances, and improperly grounded systems. Awareness and regular maintenance can mitigate these risks. 

Flickering lights could be a sign of a loose bulb, a problem with the fixture, or a more serious issue like a faulty connection. While it may seem minor, it’s advisable to consult an Electrician to determine the root cause and fix the issue. 

You should test your smoke alarms at least once a month by pressing the test button, and replace the batteries annually. Smoke alarms themselves typically need replacement every 10 years or as recommended by the manufacturer. We can also replace battery run smoke alarms with hard wired alarms – so you never need to worry about battery replacements.

While it may seem like a simple task, installing power points involves understanding Electrical circuits and safety protocols. It is best to hire a licensed Electrician to ensure proper installation and compliance with local regulations. 

Signs of outdated or faulty wiring may include frequent breaker trips, discolored or hot outlets, burning smells, or visible damage to wires. If you experience these or live in an older home, it’s wise to have an inspection by a licensed Electrician. 

If you encounter an Electrical problem, it’s essential to prioritise safety. Avoid touching any exposed wires or attempting DIY fixes. Call a professional Electrician to assess and address the problem. 

Energy efficiency can be achieved through regular maintenance, using energy-saving appliances, installing LED lights, utilizing smart power points, and being mindful of energy consumption. One of our Electricians can provide personalised recommendations for your home. 

Electrician Services – Safe and Efficient

What Our Clients Say

Quoting process was excellent- Rhett provided good guidance and expertise, was not pushy to sell and very honest. He was able to recommend products which better suited our needs while saving us money too. Installation was great quality and we enjoy our new lighting. Thank you!

Katja Van Driel.


Rhett is an absolute professional and a perfect gentleman. The process was smooth from the moment I got in touch with him. We explained our dreams to him and he ensured he brought it to life by delivering a classy and beautiful work.

This is definitely not the last time we serve, will use this company and I highly recommend Rhett to anyone that needs a quality and professional electrical service.

Omipidan Saheed.


Rhett and the team at Nillumbik Electrical were amazing. Always ontime, professional and went through everything with me in a way that I could understand what they were doing. The service that was provided was outstanding and I can not fault the quality.

I highly recommend anyone wanting an professional, honest and reliable team to carry out any electrical works. 5 stars!

Shane L.

Based on 89 reviews
paul reid
paul reid
We have used Rhett and Ash several times for various. Electrical installations and could not be happier with the results.They are professional in all aspects of their work keeping you informed as what they are doing and why , have no reservations in calling NILLUMBIK ELECTRICAL for your next electrical work
Sharon love
Sharon love
We would like to say a big thank you to you Rhett for your amazing work we had done yesterday We will highly recommend you above and beyond to all our family and friends cheers Sharon , Dave
Lupco Kitanovski
Lupco Kitanovski
As it states provide 5 service, they do provide 5 ⭐️ service. Firstly, on time arrival as booked, very clean work done and communication throughout the work was excellent. I will be using Nillumbik Electrical again for sure.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Shane Leete
Shane Leete
Rhett was awesome, great quality workmanship, punctual and a willingness to help. You need to use him and experience it for yourself.
Emmanuel De Zylva
Emmanuel De Zylva
These guys are my Go To electricians. They are trustworthy and get a quality job done when needed. I've used them twice now. Rhett the owner is great to deal with and I'd recommend them over any one.
Rhett and Ash did a superb job redoing the lighting and electrical works at our house. We are very happy how it turned out, the lights completely transformed the place, advise given to us was spot on. The work was planned out and quoted in detail, transparent with decisions and costs of alterations to the plan (we made several on the fly, made the process very easy), super people to work with, a professional outfit, local Doreen based business too. They did 3 days of work at the house with minimum disruption to our daily routine, house was left clean and tidy, made it very convenient for us too. I can recommend Nillumbik Electrical to anyone.
Sharon Hunt
Sharon Hunt
Highly recommend! Great communication, personable guys, professional and…tradies who clean up after themselves?! No myth! They fixed a fan that’s been driving me nuts, installed 7 lights that look GREAT and installed a switch (no more fumbling around in the dark for me!) Great work. Don’t hesitate, super service.
Hoang Trinh
Hoang Trinh
Rhett and his team did an amazing job. They helped me with an oven installation and power point addition. The job turned out to be trickier than expected but Rhett took his time to think through and solve the problem in a creative way, which resolved the issue beautifully. Thank you for the job well done and I’ll definitely reach out again for future electrical work. Cheers, Ryan
Missy Ray
Missy Ray
Despite being a relatively small job (replacing a light switch), Nillumbik Electrical were extremely professional and provided quality work! Kept me updated as to their arrival time, were efficient in their work, and provided the electrical safety certificate afterward. Highly recommend, thank you!
Peter Godden
Peter Godden
Great service & communication! Had a bunch of powerpoints put in in around the house.

Contact Nillumbik Electrical for cost effective solutions to all Electrical problems around your home today.

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